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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Hermes Exhibition

A while ago in May, I went to the Hermes exhibition at Saatchi Gallery.

五月的時候, 我去了 Hermes 的展覽

The exhibition presented how the products are made in Hermes.

這個展覽主要是想展現給大家看 Hermes 的產品是如何做的

All the products are handmade.


For every product, there is someone specialise in each part.


Many of them went to the Hermes apprentice school and learn how to make the products. They have years and years of training, many of them had at least 7 to 12 years of experience.

大部分的技術人員參加了 Hermes 的學徒學校去學如何做那些產品。每個在 Hermes 工作的技術員都是經過了一年又一年的訓練, 很多都擁有了至少 7 到 12 年的經驗

The handbag is sewed together by the man.

This young lady files the edge of the handle.

This young lady specialise in making watches. In the picture, she is putting the components together for a watch.
這位女師傅專門作手錶, 她把不同的零件放在一起組裝手錶

And this lady makes diamond ring. She uses the microscope to put the small diamonds together.
這位女師傅是專門做鑽石戒指的。她必須用顯微鏡才能看清楚鑽石的紋路, 並且把鑽石磨到適合的大小。

This young lady here hand sew the ties, you can see from the photo that before the ties were sewed together, it looks very large pieces.
這位女師傅是專門縫領帶的, 圖片中可以看到領帶來沒縫起來前原來是那麼大片

The silk t-shirt is sewed together by a special sewing machine.
這件絲綢的 t-shirt 是用特別的縫紉機把絲綢跟布料縫在一起的

The most amazing thing I found out was that velvet is can be picked out from silk! I didn't know that before! Perhaps the fashion design and textile student might knew it already, but can't blame me because I studied business. :P
在這個展覽我發現最特別的應該就是絨布原來是可以從絲綢裡挑出來! 這個是我以前從來都不知道的! 或許學設計或織布的學生應該都知道吧~ 但誰叫我學的是企業管理呢? 哈~

Hermes also does colour printing.
Hermes 還有用顏料印製

The dyes

They also print on the plates too.

Here are some more photos of different patterns and prints of the silk scarf displayed which I really like.

I love this pattern and the layered colour combinations!

Walking sticks.

Sailing boats 

And the Olympic prints!

I think it's really great that Hermes did this kind of exhibition to let the public know how they make the products. Showing the techniques and skills. Handmade also adds the value to not just the product but also the brand reputation.
我覺得 Hermes 辦這個展覽給大眾告訴大家他們的產品是如何做的是個非常好的主意, 給大家看他們的手工與技術, 可以增加大家對他們產品在心中的價值, 也可以提升他們品牌的名譽。

P.S. the photos may not look great as it is taken by iPhone.
很抱歉照片的品質可能沒有很好因為是 iPhone 照的


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