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Friday, 25 November 2011

Meeting with Denise Brown - Fashion Stylist & Designer

Today I had an "interview" (more like a meeting actually) with Denise Brown. She's the fashion editor of Flavour Magazine, a music/fashion stylist, designer, and a fashion stylist teacher. She asked if I know her and have I seen her website, and I told her I don't. Is she famous? Well... I guess I'm just too new to the industry.

This is her website.

We met up at the McDonald's, however we never got to sat down in there. Instead, we queued up in a bank, and after that we took her car to the garage. While we were waiting for her car to be repaired, we went to a cafe. Finally got to sat down and chat for a while.

The meeting wasn't like how I imagined it was relaxed, very informal. Denise is very humour and friendly.

Yep! So I'm gonna be working for her as a freelance blog writer and assistant. I would only have to go to the office once or twice a week. And she said I'm very welcome to work for other companies as an intern. :)

Well, I've got lots of writing to do! :P

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