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Monday, 31 October 2011

Luxury Designer Brand/LOGO

On Monday's Introduction to Fashion & Beauty PR class, we discussed about LOGO and luxuary brand products.

Have you ever bought a product from luxury or designer brand?

Why do we buy?

Is it because of the quality or exclusiveness?
Is it really worth the price?

A luxury brand product has
  • a high social visibility.
  • It may generate admiration
  • envy
  • satisfy yourself
  • badge of success
  • indicate status
  • image
  • value
  • dream
  • mystique
  • fatacy
  • lifestyle

 Q&A with Honest Answers for myself

1. Have you ever bought a product wth logo/produced by famous brand or designer?
    Yes, too much temptation! :p

2. Why want to buy it?
 a. Family/friend/colleague has it
 b. Glomous feel
 c. Publicity of product

I would say family and friends does have some extent of influences, but it is really the glomous feel on myself

3. Difference on
 a. Peer group
 b. Me

I think it would make difference on me, makes me feel more confident.
To some extent, I think it does lift up the social status level.

4. Prepare to save up for it?
    Maybe one day when I have a proper job... At the moment, I can barely survive :p

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