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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Beauty 美麗

On Monday's Introduction to Fashion & Beauty PR Skills class, my tutor Beverly Alt read us some little storys about "Beauty", and we had some interesting discussions.


What is beauty? Who sets the standard of beauty? 什麼是美麗? 美麗的定義是什麼?

We don't really know, but every era has it's own standard of beauty.

I remember my grandma once told me about my great grandma used to wrap up her feet to stop it growing bigger, it was a standard at her time that small feet woman equals beautiful. Imaging how painful it was for her... probably couldn't walk properly neither...
記得小時候, 外婆都跟我說她的媽媽小時候都裹小腳。 在那個時代腳小的女人最美~ 但是想想, 這有多痛? 可能都不能好好走路吧...

In Tang Dynasty, people admires woman that are plump or chubby. The well known consort Yang GuiFei was well know as the beauty of that era.
唐朝, 美麗的定義是豐滿, 楊貴妃就是那個朝代的美人

Since when thin and skinny became the standard of beauty?
Well, I don't know... But in all those magazines, with the airbrush, all the models looks skinnier and the skin looks flawless.
什麼時候開始, 瘦變成美麗的定義?
我不清楚... 但是在雜誌裡的模特兒的照片都是有修改過的, 可能瘦一點, 皮膚看起來很光滑, 晶瑩剔透~

How important is beauty for a woman or man? 美麗對女人/男人來說有多重要?

Some people say that beauty is an asset, which is true. However, it can only carry you so far .
有人說美麗是一種優勢, 但只是到某種程度

Have you ever looked into a pram, and shocked?
The baby wasn't adorable, angel-looking, but instead, look like a little monster?

WE - unconciously - are LOOKISM

Don't we all judge people by the first impression if you don't know that person?
Would you approach to a beauty/handsome/better looking person than a normal looking person?
Some people say good looking people look more unapproachable.

According to some reseach, beautiful faces are symmetrical and in proportion, and they have the baby features - big eyes, tiny mouth. Automatically gives people a feeling that you want to protect her. However, some people also say that not totally symmetrical and a little imperfection is more memorable. All those image of perfection in the magazine don't really exist.

Also, according to some statistics, good-looking people gets higher chance to be hired. However, it's only to a certain extend, as quality and skills are more important.

In the modern world, youth and sex sells. It creates attraction.
Attractive people has a certain advantage, and the good looking ones makes people automatically thinks they have other desirable things about them.

Well, I think beauty is important, it gives ourselves confidence. That's the reason we buy skincare products and cosmetics. It's psychological, especailly when we see the adverts, we just wanna be like the model in the magazine. So we started buying all those skin care products and make up to make ourselves looks nicer. 

Skin care and make up used to be a privilege for woman, but in this modern society, man are becoming more aware with their looks, and started using skin care products. In some countries even make up is becoming normal to use for man, which is usually used only for stage performing, and filming. 

As the technology become more advanced, people starting to do plastic surgery, and it's becoming more common, just like shopping in some countries. I personally can't accept plastic surgery, unless it is really necessary. 

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